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Data Interchange

Take EDI to the next level.

Every year, 1.2 trillion receipts are
exchanged between companies.

This includes purchase orders, order confirmations and invoices.


Less than 5% of them are automatically
transferred via EDI from
one ERP system to another.

95% must be manually reworked by the recipient with an effort of 15 minutes each.


With our intelligent cloud solution
you automate about 95%
in document processing.

Start with IDI – Intelligent Data Exchange.

Why next level EDI?

Classic EDI software focuses on reading information from the raw format and then reassigning it in a different format in a standardized way. This is called mapping.

Our system takes a smarter approach.

With Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI), data is not squeezed into another standard. Pattern recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can be used to understand and reassign any information.

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