Data Interchange

next level EDI

Take your document exchange to the next level.

Every year, 1.2 trillion receipts are
exchanged between companies.


Less than 5% of them are automatically
transferred via EDI from
one ERP system to another.

95% must be manually reworked by the recipient with an effort of 15 minutes each.


Our intelligent cloud solution Dara, on the other hand, automates over 90% of document processing using intelligent data exchange.

Why next level EDI?

In contrast to conventional Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which forces data into a fixed format, the revolutionary Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI) offers the possibility of optimizing data quality by intelligently filling data gaps and contextualizing information.

Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI) optimizes data processing through the use of advanced technologies, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Dara® uses Intelligent Data Interchange and revolutionizes the exchange of documents between business partners and their ERP systems by means of intelligent data processing.

More about Dara®

Get more information about Dara® on our product page.

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