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1. September 2023

IDI Conference 2023

EDI was yesterday. Now it's time for a smarter solution! You can look forward to keynote speeches, panels, field reports and inspiring conversations.

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22. August 2023

Interview with the German American Chamber of Commerce (GACC)

In an interview with GACC, Tobias Hertfelder, CEO of H&F Solutions, shares insights and experiences from his German startup entering the US market.


16. August 2023

Introducing IDI – Intelligent Data Interchange

In a world that is getting smarter, it's time for next level EDI. A 50-year-old technology is no longer enough to be competitive today.

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25. July 2023

First US branch established in New York

Data exchange between companies is a global issue. Hence the move to H&F Solutions North America Inc.

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