Story & Mission

In today’s business world, even successful and growing companies achieve connectivity and subsequent communication with new business partners by doing only two things:

  • Expensive and time-consuming connectivity projects
  • a little automated, highly individualized and often still manually supported document exchange

However, we are convinced that companies can only be competitive in the long term through fast, simple and intelligent networking with their partners. In addition, companies are striving more than ever to use existing resources sparingly and only where they will provide the most benefit.

By revolutionizing the flow of data across system boundaries, we aim to help companies unleash their growth potential. The development of a plug-and-play gateway for any type of document exchange, via which information reaches the recipient within seconds, is just the beginning.

Thus, after a period of intensive research, with defeats and successes, Dara was born from an idea. This patented, cloud-based technology takes EDI to the next level.

We take communication and data exchange between companies to a new level.


Tobias Hertfelder, CEO Tobias is the driving force and creative head of H&F. His passion and expertise lie in the area of Dataflow. He is responsible for H&F’s product portfolio and strategic direction. With his visionary and inspiring manner, he has a fundamental influence on the corporate culture and team cohesion. Through his experience as a motocross rider, one thing is clear to him: even when you think you’ve reached your limits, there’s always a little more you can do.



Philipp Futterknecht, CTO Philipp is the operational head and technological mastermind of H&F. He founded his own IT company at the age of 14. Clean code is his passion. He has the ability to make complex things manageable and to create a lasting, well-functioning solution from this with the team. With his calm and down-to-earth manner, he forms the counter-pool of the duo and the foundation of H&F.



For Philipp Futterknecht and Tobias Hertfelder, one thing is clear: knowledge must be shared. And so the two have already published two non-fiction books. It was important to them to provide decision-makers in the ERP and strategy environment with up-to-date findings and future action instructions that accompany them in a practical manner from the initial vision to implementation. The three books “The ERP Delusion in Medium-Sized Businesses”, “2030 – Strategy Development for Innovation Leaders” and “Data, Disruption & Digital Leadership” are all published by Springer Verlag.


Data exchange between companies is not only an issue in Germany. Global trade, worldwide supply chains and international invoicing are part of the daily business for large companies. For this reason, it is important for us to be able to serve our customers well worldwide. Since May 24, 2023, we have therefore been recognized as a H&F Solutions North America Inc. also represented in New York.

Founder and CEO Tobias Hertfelder is happy about this step: “Entering the US market is the logical consequence of the successes of the last months. We have experienced extraordinary growth with our previous customers and know that we can support innovation through intelligent digitization and data networking to the same extent in the US market.”

The team

As a team in an agile working environment, we live respectful interaction with each other. We stand for tolerance and openness and implement our goals with courage and passion. Together we work on what really counts for us: Helping our customers.

Our values

We work agile & close to the customer


Agile methods help us to work efficiently and result-oriented in a constantly changing environment. We put people and interactions above processes and tools and focus on our product. The benefit for our customers, their satisfaction & a good cooperation are the A & O for us.

We live Growth Mindset


We are convinced that we can always develop our individual skills. We perceive challenges and defeats as opportunities to learn new things. We are brave and celebrate our successes and are proud of our efforts.

We communicate openly & honestly


We share information, insights and advice constructively with others and navigate difficult situations with the help of courage and honesty. Problems are addressed openly in order to find solutions. We all pull together, support and trust each other, and are passionate about what we do.


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