Take your document exchange to the next level.

Annualcost savings of 70% on document replacement via

Saves 15 minutes of manual work per receipt

Over 90% automation
in document processing with the help of artificial intelligence

Dara® uses Intelligent Data Interchange to facilitate the exchange of documents between business partners and their ERP systems

How Dara® makes your day-to-day work easier


Thanks to intelligent data processing and patented data enrichment, documents are processed automatically with unparalleled speed and precision.

The self-learning system using feedback integration makes previous manual interventions superfluous and frees employees from
repetitive tasks.


The connection in the network instead of
Peer-to-peer leads to a more efficient use of resources by means of automated knowledge and resource exchange within
Community to significantly increase efficiency.

New business partners can be easily connected in no time at all using plug-and-play.

User orientation

The simple document view, the intuitive user interface and the adaptation to individual user needs make it easier to access specific information and make it understandable for everyone.

Technical expertise?

No longer necessary!

The service between the systems

Intelligent document analysis in action

Precise and quick decisions
through Daras® intelligent document analysis

Dara® analyzes, classifies and structures your documents.
The result is an intuitive document view with which decisions can be made more precisely and efficiently.

In addition, Dara® can fill any gaps in your documents and even detect and correct errors using intelligent solutions such as data enrichment and historical data analysis.

Dara® enables targeted employee involvement, precise processing and continuous feedback to improve our models.


Savings Calculator

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How much can you save?

Dara® enables enormous savings compared to the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) by means of Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI).

Get off to a flying start with Dara®

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