Take your document exchange to the next level


Annually over 70
Cost savings for more than 100,000 orders per year


Connection of new
Business Partners
in shortest time
via plug-and-play


Less manual intervention due to higher
Data quality with the help of artificial intelligence

The system

between the systems

We let data flow between your ERP systems, unleashing your growth potential.

We free your clerks from monotonous tasks with machine intelligence and enable them to do more important things.


Why next level EDI?

Classic EDI software focuses on reading information from the raw format and then reassigning it in a different format in a standardized way. This is called mapping.

Our system takes a smarter approach.

With Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI), data is not squeezed into another standard. Pattern recognition, machine learning, and artificial intelligence can be used to understand and reassign any information.

This automates our product Dara 95%
of your document processing.


With Dara you revolutionize
Your document exchange between SAP Business Network and SAP.

This allows you to quickly scale your

data communication quickly.

User orientation

With a user-friendly
and intuitive interface, you can connect business partners in no time. Edit data and content effortlessly and quickly.

You do not need any technical know-how.

Document exchange

Your data is enhanced on the basis of patented data enrichment and transferred fully automatically.

Previous, manual interventions
become superfluous.


Savings Calculator

Calculate your savings.

Savings calculator

How much can you

With Intelligent Data Interchange (IDI), it is possible to
enormous savings compared to conventional
Achieve EDI.

Calculate in 5 short steps how much you can save for your business.

Test now for free!

Get exclusive and non-binding access to document verification and more information about intelligent data exchange with Dara!

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