Fundraising campaign for the Tannheim aftercare clinic

26 03 2024 | About us


“when i grow up, i want to be healthy.

On March 23, 2024, this sentence became a symbol of hope when the Waldtanner Volkstheater opened its doors for the benefit event for the play “D’r Bader”. With the aim of supporting the Tannheim aftercare clinic, hundreds of people came together not only to collect donations, but also to send a signal of solidarity. With a concentrated load of humor, the singers of the Waldtann choral society and the Hohenlohe dialect, the artists transformed the Waldtann festival hall into a center of pure joie de vivre.

The Tannheim Aftercare Clinic gives families with seriously chronically ill children new strength and hope.

As part of family-oriented aftercare for a child with cancer, heart disease or cystic fibrosis , it offers the whole family a place to recharge their batteries with hope and energy. Young patients can take advantage of the “Young Rehab” program, while adults can receive aftercare as part of the REHA27PLUS program. The Tannheim Aftercare Clinic also treats “orphaned families” – families who have lost a child through illness.

The Tannheim Aftercare Clinic, known for its pioneering concept of family-oriented aftercare, acts according to the motto “The patient is called family”. This philosophy is reflected in the tireless work they do to offer families with seriously ill children, adolescents and young adults an “island of hope” in the Black Forest.

The Waldtanner Volkstheater’s commitment to this heartfelt project is
unprecedented and has already spanned a quarter of a century. In recognition of this, we at H&F Solutions made a donation of €1,250 to the charity event and we firmly believe that through our joint commitment, the clinic will continue to be an island of hope for many families.

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