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7 06 2024 | About us

Philipp Futterknecht is new CEO of H&F Solutions

Preserve Values – Drive Innovation

Since the beginning of June, Philipp Futterknecht has been the new CEO of H&F Solutions. This marks the beginning of a new chapter for him. He personally shares what is particularly important to him in his new role:

“From the very start, it was particularly important to me at H&F to drive our vision and mission forward with our strong team. We unleash the growth potential of our customers by revolutionizing the flow of data across system boundaries. Through our dara® technology, we enable automated document exchange and rapid networking between companies. We are at the forefront of revolutionizing digital data exchange.

For me, this fulfills a dream: to develop highly innovative products that provide significant benefits to the business world.

I look forward to the coming time, the challenges, milestones, and the opportunity to promote innovative ideas, strengthen collaboration with a talented team, and make a positive impact on our industry and society. I am excited to continue bringing our vision to life and celebrating successes together.”


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